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About me

I've always been extremely passionate about everything related to Technology and Business, that’s how I discovered the world of Computer Science. Currently, rather than opting for a traditional student job, such as waiting tables, I chose to work as a Freelance Web Developer to acquire work experience that (hopefully) holds greater long-term value for my career path.

I believe in continuous growth and self-improvement, both in personal and professional life. This approach has encouraged me to be proactive and work on interesting projects.

Spending my free time in the development of personal projects, writing on my personal blog, and pursuing some small Entrepreneurial venture to develop business skills. I have great desire to make new experiences, meet exceptional people, get involved in something, test my limits, move out of the usual context.

Work Experience Freelance

Web Developer

  • Developed high quality hand-coded websited for italian companies, optimizing performances and SEO.